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Beauty and hair salons are sprawled all over urban areas although those that are classy and exclusive are located in serene and well designed city locations. It is important to have an idea where specific beauty services can be found because many things can go wrong when looking for this information the last minute. One of the ways of having this information ready is having an  Salons Database, Directory & Marketing List in the US or specific states. With such a comprehensive list, one can organize data and extract an e-mail list that suits the particular need one has. For example, one can have a mailing list of salons in specific counties or municipalities.


What would a good salon marketing list contain?


Some of the important information that we are considering adding to our Database includes:


a)     Comprehensive info on business names of beauty and hair salons

b)     Size of business in terms of employees or turnover

c)     Correct physical addresses

d)     Correct e-mail addresses

e)     Specified services for each salon, e.g.

i.     Foot care-including scrubbing, massage, etc.

ii.     Manicure and pedicure

iii.     Facials-including exfoliation; steaming; face masks; etc.

iv.     Aromatherapy-including massage; compresses; etc.

v.     General massage

vi.     Hair relaxing and treatment

vii.     Hair braiding

viii.     Hair dye

ix.     Hair styling

x.     Hair weaving

xi.     Hair cut

f)      References, e.g. names of well-known clients, e.g. celebrities

g)     Pricing of the range of services

h)     Business hours and business days


Who are the potential buyers of Directory of Beauty and Hair Salons  


Everyone who is particular about their grooming and is often on the move in the course of duty or other reason might wish to have such a list for convenience. Once in a new place and in need of personal care services, an Beauty Salons Database, Directory & Marketing List will come in handy. Other parties who seek out beauty parlors and salons include:


i.         Manufacturers of beauty and hair care products

ii.         Distributors of beauty and hair care products

iii.         Celebrity stylists

iv.         Proprietors of beauty colleges

v.         Salon owners

vi.         Fashion houses

vii.         Designers

viii.         Entertainment groups

ix.         Tour guides-to help out tourists

x.         Hotels and restaurants-to help out guests


It is important to review the database before buying a Database to ensure that it is possible to configure it to meet one’s own needs. For example, a manufacture of hair weaves will need only an marketing directory of hair salons and not massage parlors. A manufacturer will also be interested in the big salons only, possibly to partner with, in introducing new products; so one should be able to extract such info by size of salon.