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Email List of Beauty Salons proudly presents its list of more than forty thousand unique contacts in North America.  If people look for you for beauty and hair products or services, and that you’re planning to build a longer list of buyers, spot new ones or secure more profits, you’ve certainly arrived at the correct page.  Email List of Beauty Salons is the most trustworthy place to get original and unique contacts, and from it you can possibly obtain thousands of new leads.  Do you know what is included in this directory?  Based on careful research and continuous collecting efforts, the directory now has thousands of up-to-date leads.  You can find all sorts of data including the name of salons, their site’s URL addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and the nature of their businesses.  The list is the one and only directory that contains trustworthy email addresses that are also cheap in price.  Everyone is welcome to view the list.    Types of beauty and hair services contained in the list include facial, manicure, tanning, pedicure, skin, massage, and wax treatment as well as hair care related services.  The total number of email addresses for beauty and hair care salon services is over 50,000 ( plus we now have an Australian list at )

Beauty and hair salons play an important role in the society.  For hair salons, they provide customers with neat looking hair and help them get new hair styles if they want.  They also do the basic hair maintenance services such as cutting, trimming, shampooing and blow drying.  They also provide additional hair care services such as re-bonding, coloring, bleaching, curling and hair extending.   For beauty salons, they provide facial treatments include scrubbing, exfoliating, masking, cleansing, acne clearing and age defying.  They ensure that the facial area is cleansed and treated thoroughly so that toxins and bacteria are not likely to reside there and cause problems such as acne and irritation.  They also provide blackhead removal services, laser treatments and corrective methods for sun-damaged skin.  Some salons also provide pedicure and manicure services.  They cleanse and sanitize the hands and feet so that they look clean and good, making their customers happy and more confident about their appearance. For more information see the Database.

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